The 3 pillars of a program to gain muscle

Start in the muscle-building world, it is difficult if you do not have the tools and knowledge to know what works and what is a waste of time. It’s just like losing weight , hard to start, hard to keep up with and it’s hard to stay motivated, especially if you do not see results quickly. But there is hope, gaining muscle is not as difficult as it seems, that is, it only takes a bit of common sense and the necessary tools to have the success you want.

Most think you have to be hours in the gym training with huge weights until your arms and legs feel like they are about to explode, nothing could be further from the truth on the subject of gaining muscle. The key to muscle development begins in the kitchen, not the gym.

The 3 pillars of a program to gain muscle
Good nutrition
No muscle gets bigger unless it is fed correctly. The muscles are approximately 70% water so it is obvious that you need to drink a lot of water to keep the muscles full and hydrated. But nutrition is very important, if you do not eat well you will be fighting an uphill battle. Your muscles need to eat and protein is the most important type of food, foods like chicken, fish, dairy … contain this nutrient. Another important part of nutrition is ” eating clean .” This means that you must stay away from processed foods, full of sugar and foods with high content

Supplement properly to gain muscle
It is another important piece of cake, you can not eat enough of the right foods to meet the needs of all your muscles in training. proflex muscle Even the best fall short if they try to do it with only food. Knowing the right supplements and when to take them is very important. Supplements such as protein, creatine, fish oil and L-glutamine are just some of the supplements you need to gain muscle.

A good training according to our objectives
Of course, this is critical, because your muscles need those workouts and microscopic breaks to become bigger and stronger. Your muscle mass training workout should be more complex than simply clubbing the reps, you need a good cardio plan for the rest days and you need to know what kind of weight training to do for each muscle group. You need to exercise all the muscle groups to maintain a balance in the way your muscles grow. One tip that many forget is to make sure that your routine has a high intensity interval training (HIIT). This type of cardiovascular training will make you burn calories more quickly than any other normal treadmill routine.

There are many more tips for a training plan to gain muscle, but as always you have to rely on three pillars, which are good nutrition, a useful program of supplementation and a training routine made to your needs, once you have this in order, you will get great results.

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