Dead weight with gluteal bar

Variations of the hip lift for buttocks
The following variations are for people who already have some time doing exercises, are more demanding. In the following Power Girl web video you can see how to do a hip lift with a flexed leg. Here there is more work on each gluteus and leg muscles, as well as abdominals, alternate the legs every 10 push-ups.

Hip lift on ball. We can make this routine fun.

Using an ordinary ball we can also do hip lifting exercises, alternating one leg and another. The goal is to make the greatest variety of exercises to increase buttocks at home and make the time fun.

Buttocks kicks on the floor
This exercise is highly recommended to increase the glutes at home, since gym accessories are not needed. It is snap hero testo done this way, you kneel with your back parallel to the ground. With a controlled movement, push one of the feet back as if you were kicking.

Make sure you flex to the fullest and squeeze the gluteus for a few seconds when the leg is extended behind you. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the opposite leg. It is important not to arch your back so that the exercise works 100%. Watch the following video of Gym for Everyone

A variation of this exercise is with weights, in the case of the Fit Pro Sport video we see that it uses a guided bar. To make this variation at home you can resort to ankle weights.

Another variation is to kick the buttocks on the floor with the leg flexed or extended. In the following video of Sportize I have an example with the leg flexed.

Dead weight with gluteal bar
To do this exercise routine you will have to use the same bar that you used in the first glute squat routine, you can also use dumbbells.

In the following iVitalia video we can see how to do this routine to increase buttocks at home.

To do all these exercises you really just need a space in your house and a lot of motivation, maybe a lot of self love and you can also learn how to lift your buttocks without going to the gym with these tutorials.

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