What diet for a 45 year old man?

A man’s body burns fewer calories after 45 years. Curves settle more easily and in no time , your old body of Apollo is only a memory. This does not mean that it is impossible to keep (or find) the line at age 45. Just balance your diet . Here are some tips to follow.

Sample diet to stay in shape
If the extra pounds have not yet settled, you just have to eat balanced . In other words, you can eat a bit of everything but not excessively. The typical menu below is given as an indication for a person of average body size, about 70 kg.

The calorie intake is then of the order of 2400 kcal to 2700 kcal per day .

Breakfast : 25 cl of semi-skimmed milk + 100 gr of bread + 20g of butter or cheese + 35 gr of compote or jam + 10 cl of fresh fruit juice.

Lunch : 150g of raw vegetables, super s keto seasoned with olive oil + 15g of dried fruits + 150g of lean meat + 300g of cooked vegetables + 100g of rice + 40g of cheese + 1 whole fruit (apple , pear, orange, banana …) + 1 cup of coffee or tea.

Dinner : 150 g of raw vegetables + 300 g of starchy foods (pasta, for example) + 60 gr of bread + 1 natural or fruit yoghurt + 150 g of fruit + 1 cup of tea or coffee.

Alcohol is not prohibited but must not exceed 20 cl per day .

The program to follow to lose weight
Your diet should not be too strict otherwise you will run out and you will seek to fill the gap. The ideal is to adopt dietary habits . Here are the basics of your nutrition.

– 2 eggs OR 120 to 150 gr lean meat, ham or lean fish at noon or dinner – less than 100 g meat / fish / lean ham at another meal than the previous one – 1 crudity with each meal, c ie 3 per day – 1 light dairy product at each meal (light yogurt, skim milk, mozzarella …) vegetables cooked (at will) as a main course.

Remember to set a schedule for your weekly menu. This helps you diversify your diet to the max. Do not feel guilty if you succumb to a scoop of ice or an extra glass of wine. However, limit these small gaps that are harmful to your health!

The ideal diet for a 45 year old man is one that keeps the line AND good health. Do not forget to include regular sports activities in your program . Now you know how to feed yourself healthily.

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