Essential oils during breastfeeding?

The use of essential oils must be done in a reasonable way , even more when you breastfeed or want to lose weight. To avoid endangering baby’s life, distinguish which are allowed or prohibited.

Essential oils to banish
Any ketonic HE should be avoided. Indeed, the toxicity is double when the ketones are at high doses . The product can then natura farms keto act on the brain. There is also an abortifacient effect in case of pregnancy. It is strictly forbidden to use peppermint HE during breastfeeding. It prevents the rise of milk, but its dermocaustic nature makes any application pure on the skin, causes irritation.

Although not exhaustive, the following list reveals some prohibited HE when breastfeeding. They are also prohibited for babies as well as young children (under 12 years in general). Indeed, their active substances can pass into the milk and harm the baby’s health.

These include essential oils from the following products : thyme vulgaris geraniol and thymol , cinnamon, clove, oregano compact, camphor rosemary, sage officinale …

Essential oils safe
Never forget that their use is limited. Generally, the main obsession concerns crevices with nipples. You can make a treatment with a mixture of 30 ml of rose hip vegetable oil with 1 ml of organic lavender essential oil.

Carrot essential oil is also popular in nipple care compositions during the last phase of pregnancy. It is full of virtues and would help prepare for breastfeeding. For its part, the essential oil of sweet fennel has as its benefits , the ability to stimulate milk production. Opposite, a list of essential oils whose use is not contraindicated during breastfeeding: tea tree, ginger, lemon, etc.

Some valuable tips
During pregnancy or breastfeeding, any medications or essential oils should be supervised by a doctor . You can also seek the opinion of the pharmacist. Never self-medication, as harmless and natural as HE appears to be. It should also avoid prolonged use.

HE must be of high quality and should never be used on the skin. Care must be taken to dilute them in vegetable oils. Their application must be on small surfaces, external use. During breastfeeding, avoid the natura farms keto shark tank chest area . You should also know that some photosensitizing HEs have the particularity of interacting with the sun’s rays. They can leave skin stains, or worse, cause epidermal mutations, often causing skin cancer.

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