Glazes to fight against cellulite?

Although its causes are as numerous as they are diverse, cellulite, whatever its form, is caused by poor circulation. In order to fight effectively against this damn orange skin, there are some ecological tips, economic and especially effective. The treatment of cellulite by cryolipolysis is an old method that aims to stimulate blood circulation and thus obtain visible results very quickly.

Cold technique against cellulite.
To tame capitons, there are several techniques and methods but those involving the use of cold are increasingly favored. Well followed, the effects become visible very quickly. by stimulating micro-circulation cryolipolysis is able to destroy localized fat cells and eliminate dead fat cells .

Special anti cellulite program based on ice cubes.
Ice will need to be placed in a plastic bag to obtain a large area to cover the area to be treated. With an elastic band or tie, the plastic is then sealed . Then it will be packed in a protective cloth and placed on the area for five minutes at the beginning, then longer gradually until it reaches thirty minutes or so.

A hot sensation will follow the application. Testimony of excellent organic reactions, this sensation appears in some natura farms keto cases already during the treatment. You can do this poultice once a day if the process is well supported, otherwise you can space every two or three days. Finish with a massage with olive oil with lemon essential oil and coffee grounds . Follow these tips for several weeks for lasting effectiveness.

Long-term fight against cellulite with ice cubes
To keep an active eye on our orange peel and prolong the effect of our program over time, it is important to combine this anti-cellulite program with a complement of new habits. Whatever the type of cellulite – fat, fibrous or with water retention – an inappropriate diet and little or no physical activity are always mentioned among the causes .

After all, no top athlete has ever been seen with orange skin. Sugar and bad fats are the enemies of cellulite and excess salt. It is also vital to have regular physical activity. Intensive cardio exercises are recommended especially those involving being in the water such as swimming or aquabiking. They will allow you to burn calories while breaking the dimples. You can lose weight, fight your cellulite and slightly strengthen your body.

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