How to lose 11 kg in 1 month?

“I want more than lose weight very quickly, in the space of a month at least” is the main concern that torments your head, since your current weight far exceeds the normal.

That said, how to lose weight in no more than 4 weeks? Which diet to follow? What physical activity is exercised  ? Discover all the advice and tips of references to lose 11 kg in 1 month.

A diet, to relearn to eat
Above all, in order to lose weight in the space of 4 weeks and no more, the ideal is in the first place to relearn to eat. However, k2 slim keto that does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of certain foods. In fact, the idea is to follow a balanced and healthy diet to succeed in losing weight in a month. To do this, if you want to eat meat, opt for lean meats such as chicken, turkey, etc.

Indeed, the more meat contains less fat, the more they bring you a significant amount of protein . In addition, you are advised to eat as much fruit and vegetables , fish and fresh produce, etc. In addition, alcoholic beverages, foods containing too much sugar, as well as cold cuts are to be banned as much as you can.

Physical activity, to accelerate weight loss in 1 month
Do you want to lose weight effectively and quickly in record time  ? A little physical activity and motivation are recommended. However, it is not a question of practicing any sports or physical exercises.

In fact, the ideal is to play sports that accelerate your heart and at the same time work your body. That said, you can, for example, ride the elliptical trainer , a physical exercise par excellence allowing you to lose fat without leaving your home.

In addition, among the physical activities that you can do easily at home or in a gym, dance like Zumba, rumba … in short, anything that can make you move allows you to lose a significant amount of body fat . In addition, walking is also the ideal solution for quick, easy and effective weight loss.

In addition, you can also ride a bike to reach your ultimate goal . At the same time, you can refine your muscles and thighs.

Finally, motivation also plays an important role in achieving your goal. It is even the main key that allows you to lose weight in a short time . On this, for your greater motivation, you can for example buy clothes that fit the size you want to achieve.

Other than that, you can also set a weight limit while following good nutrition or a balanced, healthy diet, etc.

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