How to lose 60 kg in 8 months?

Slimming 60 kg in 8 months, this is a bold goal but as far as possible , provided you want, and follow a specific program. We give you the secrets of success.

How to lose 60 kg in 8 months

Sport to lose 60 kg in 8 months

To achieve a significant weight loss , there is no mystery, whether you are a man or a woman : you must practice physical activity . After getting your doctor’s approval, start with simple exercises , such as 15 minutes of brisk walking every day.

Subsequently, you will be able to Keto Slim Rx switch to effective interval training , especially under the supervision of a sports coach. This method allows to alternate and repeat the phases of effort and recovery, to prolong physical activity and burn a maximum of calories .

Monitor your eating habits to lose weight 60 kg

If physical activity is effective in losing weight, it should be supplemented by strictly monitoring its diet. And your enemies are everywhere: sodas and alcohol are generally avoided , including beer, very rich in calories. Also beware of very sweet fruit juices, and run away from fast foods loaded with trans fats , many of which are responsible for the harmful effects of being overweight.

Your other formidable opponent is the nibbling . Do not eat in front of the TV at any time; if you have to give in to a craving, favor a good fruit! Better to split the meals into five snacks , which will prevent you from both being hungry and also promoting your metabolism to burn fat . Finally, sleep more, it also makes you lose weight!

What to eat to lose weight quickly?

Wanting to lose weight quickly does not mean starving yourself , at the risk of precipitating the opposite effect. A diet is made to lose weight and avoid taking it back. In particular, follow the diets designed by Dietitians at Weight Watchers and Dukan . Be careful, however , gluten-free diets , certainly necessary for people intolerant, but not necessarily effective and expensive.

When you play sports, it is essential to give proteins to your body , under pain of falling out of exhaustion. And these Keto Slim Rx are found especially in the meat, that it would be absurd to want to flee. For example, enjoy a good filet of turkey with lentils, which is even less caloric than chicken!

Losing 60 kg in 8 months is certainly a challenge, but everything is achievable with the will. Follow these tips, and you will soon say goodbye to your overweight!

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