How to lose weight in 1 week?

Decreasing the volume of your hips or “love handles” is possible in 7 days, provided you act on several levels. By being reasonable side table and putting to the physical exercise, one ligit of this zone of the body in 1 week hardly.

Monitor your diet

To lose the accumulated fat in this place, you have to go on a diet to lose weight quickly. The tips that work to melt cellulite in general are also suitable for this part of the body. Reducing caloric intake is not enough.

Care must be taken to divide the different food groups into each menu. It is better to focus on ingredients with a low glycemic index . Thus the insulin secretion is reduced and the fats are eliminated instead of being stored.

So avoid fatty and sugary foods. Instead, make up your plate of a quarter of starchy foods, a quarter of protein and half of green vegetables.

Adopt tips to slim down fast

It is harder to lose one’s “love handles” for a woman than for a man. Hormones play an important role in how fat is stored in the body. To dislodge fat quickly, hydration and fat-burning actives are highly indicated.

Eliminating salt is also necessary, especially when you are pregnant (risk of hypertension) to avoid water retention and its consequence, watery cellulite.

Draining dietary supplements are recommended . It is necessary to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. Local treatment that stimulates lipolysis also speeds up the anti-fat process. So think of the massage with a cream based on caffeine.

Sports that help refine this part of the body

Bodybuilding is a good way to chase body fat. Playing sports is essential to complete a healthy lifestyle . Depending on your preferences and physical abilities, you can choose exercises that gently burn fat or a more dynamic activity.

The exercise bike is effective, at a rate of 30 minutes a day, all week. The squat, the hoola-hoop and the skipping rope also give good results because they make work the area of ​​the basin. The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is perfect if you support its rhythm: intense but short sessions (less than a minute) that alternate with rises in intensity. In the latter case, a medical opinion is recommended.

After 1 week of dietary and sporting efforts, the curves and the curve of the silhouette are naturally refined, by accessible methods.

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