Losing 40kg in 8 months, an achievable goal!

No one wants to lose weight too quickly . If express detox treatments can be considered to start a diet, then it is better to take your time to lose weight healthily. Losing 40 pounds in 8 months is a reasonable goal that should help achieve and stabilize one’s fitness weight.

Which diet to choose to lose weight?

When one suffers from a significant overweight, one can set a goal of losing between 4 and 5 pounds per month to reduce its overweight smoothly and regain its weight of form.

For this, there are many methods. You Envy Naturals Keto can choose to follow a diet like that of Dr. Dukan, or the famous Weight Watchers program , which promise good results but are quite demanding because each food must be combed. This type of diet may be suitable for both men and women who need to regain a firm grip on their diet and who are looking to eat only light meals.

On the other hand, those looking to lose weight more naturally can turn to methods such as chrono-nutrition, which propose more a rebalancing of food than a list of restrictions and number of daily calories.

It is about relearning to eat by taking new reflexes to adopt the right kind of food at the right times of the day.

Combine physical activity with healthy eating

Feeding alone will not allow you to get over your extra pounds. Playing sports is not an option for a healthier life , especially when trying to get rid of a significant overweight. Give yourself a new goal now : three times a week, get some exercise!

The most important is not necessarily the type of sport you choose to practice, but rather to opt for an activity that feels good and that you want to return. Today, many original sporting activities allow you to surpass yourself and to taste: crossfit , pole dance, parkour, jump dance … you are spoiled for choice!

Be careful, however, that this activity is in line with your physical condition, especially if you just got out of pregnancy.

Maintain your weight by taking up good habits

By adopting a healthier lifestyle, you will inevitably lose your extra pounds in a reasonable amount of time. How long will it take? If a loss of 40kg in 8 months is possible, everything depends on each person.

It is important to stay in a healthy Envy Naturals Keto REVIEWS  and balanced lifestyle without setting a deadline for giving your body time to regain its weight of form. It will then be necessary to keep good habits to maintain this new silhouette which, if one took the adapted reflexes, should be conserved without too much effort.

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