How to make the high protein diet over 4 days?

Among the innumerable existing slimming program, the high protein diet is one of the best offering a quick and effective result in terms of weight loss. It consists of consuming a natural and organic menu in order to avoid any water retention or any other harmful consequences that are harmful to our state of health.

The goal is quite simple! You should favor a lot more protein-rich foods to excess so that the liver can draw a source of energy through the fats in 4 days.

Day 1 of the high protein diet, how does it work?
As the main goal of this cure is intenseĀ slimquick keto or express weight loss, you should then consume a healthy and balanced diet without fat or processed industrial products. In order to start your diet, it is essential that you have the maximum motivation and perseverance to enjoy the various benefits granted.

This technique has now become very popular especially among women. Day 1 is based on the consumption of fresh green vegetables such as cabbage and spinach, not to mention the low-fat meats.

This diet requires olive oil for the seasonings of your crudity and requires to move away sugar, starchy foods and dairy products.

Day 2
As in Day 1, the menu remains the same since the first days of the Dukan regime belong to the first phase , including the attack phase. These are the two days that will determine whether this diet is for you or not.

You could add green vegetables to your diet while avoiding artichokes and avocados. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to consume lean dairy products at will without counting the seafood.

But what is the duration of this phase? However, it varies between 3 to 10 days depending on the pounds to lose. These are the most amazing days in weight loss.

Day 3 and day 4
You could gradually add other foods to your diet starting with a fruit. However, bananas, cherries and grapes are to be avoided. In order to perfect the diet, it is necessary to practice a brisk walk.

In between these two days, it is important that you know how to do it so that your extra pounds do not surface like the yoyo effect , bloating and water retention.

These can be dangerous for your health. By following a few tips and advice from a nutritionist or a doctor, you will surely get there. Everything will be easier. At the end of day 4, you could hope to lose 1 to 2.5 kg.

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