Why men simulate orgasm

A new study reveals the frequency with which men simulate and why.
Usually, it is said that it is women who simulate orgasm, and explanations are legion, like wanting to enjoy at the same time as you, to spare your feelings and any hindrance, or want to finish the antics more quickly because, well, they are tired. But no investigation has been launched tarvos testo to know how often men exercise their acting skills and simulate orgasm, or why so far.

A new study, published in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy , asked 230 Canadians and Americans aged 18 to 29 to complete an online survey . All participants were in a relationship for at least 4 months and admitted to having simulated orgasm at least once with their partner.
It turns out that it was not a singular incident. Men admitted to simulating orgasm in 30% of their sexual experiences , although this was more common during vaginal intercourse, followed by oral, anal, and manual stimulation.

The result makes us ask the question: why? And what does it mean for the satisfaction of men in their relationship and in their sex life?

The researchers found that men were more likely to simulate orgasm to protect their partner’s self esteem , but also to “look sexy” when they drank too much and / or when they were afraid of disappointing their partner. The more a man simulated orgasm for these reasons, the higher his satisfaction was in the couple’s relationship, both sexually and emotionally. This is logical because if you think about it, the more you care about your partner and want it, the more you want to spare their feelings and support their emotional well-being, and the more they will be satisfied.

Others admitted to simulating orgasm because they found the sex “repulsive” . In this case, when it is due to a poor partner choice or an unsuccessful sexual act, you experience lower levels of sexual and emotional satisfaction in the relationship. It makes sense, right?

So, if your girlfriend accuses you of pretending, just tell her that it’s because you like her.

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