Menu to lose weight while playing sports

Fast and effective, this diet will work easily if you stick to your slimming program and if you do a regular physical activity. Man or woman, it is possible to lose up to 9 pounds in two weeks , find a flat stomach and be in great shape!

Here’s a week of menus that you can vary the following week. Attention, this program should not exceed two weeks to avoid suffering from dietary deficiencies but it can be carried out alternately (2 weeks of menu thinness then 3 normal weeks).

Menu to lose weight while playing sports

A breakfast identical to each menu

During this diet, the breakfast consists of the same foods and does not contain gluten : – a grapefruit – a hot drink without sugar (coffee, green tea or fruit infusion) – a dairy namely two pots of natural yoghurt to 0% fat

  • Menu 1

Lunch: grilled meat steak with raw tomatoesDinner: a veal escalope with lettuce and a fruit

  • Menu 2

Lunch: a grilled red meat steak with a fruit Dinner: a grilled fish fillet with a lettuce, tomato, cucumber and celery salad

  • Menu 3

Lunch: two boiled eggs, preferably steamed spinach and raw tomatoesDinner: grilled meat with steamed cabbage and 0% cottage cheese

  • Menu 4

Lunch: a veal cutlet with green beans and cucumber Dinner: two grilled lamb chops accompanied by a salad of raw vegetables (tomato, cucumber and celery)

  • Menu 5

Lunch: a poultry meat paired with steamed broccoli Dinner: a fillet of grilled whiting and a vegetable soup

  • Menu 6

Lunch: two slices of turkey breast with an Ez3 Keto artichoke cooked in water and red cabbage in saladDinner: a steak of grilled white meat and raw tomatoes

  • Menu 7

Lunch: a veal escalope with cooked green peppers and a fruitDinner: a fillet of grilled fish and a chicory salad

Very restrictive, this diet requires a completely different lifestyle . In fact, during this diet, you will have to eliminate a large number of fatty and sweet foods as well as soft drinks and alcohol in favor of lean proteins and very low calorie vegetables.

Physical activity to speed up your weight loss

Beside this brand new strict slimming program, it is essential to play sports at least 3 times a week . Ideally, it’s an opportunity to get into cardio. You can start with cycling or walking, the best being the race. Running a jog makes it possible to tone the whole body including the belly.

To gain muscle , you can very well complement your cardio session with weight training or targeted gymnastics to sculpt your figure.

Good hydration

To supplement your efforts between regular physical activity and a very healthy diet, it is important to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. To boost your weight loss and further refine your size, consider putting lemon pieces in your bottle. Indeed, lemon is known to be a real fat burner in addition to facilitating digestion and bringing energy to the metabolism.

Eating less and better while playing sports guarantees you lose almost 10 pounds in 15 days if you respect your slimming program and stay motivated !

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