What is Trialix Male Enhancement?

A British polling institute has discovered the surefire way to keep your darling close to you: 144 monthly love gestures. Not so hard when you get help …

1 / Organize the perfect evening
Why ? A study published in the Journal Of Neuroscience showed that the discovery of a new place triggered an influx of dopamine (the pleasure hormone that promotes sexual attraction), reduced stress and improved mood . All you need for a successful date. But it’s up to you to take the initiative: according to researchers at the California University of Santa Clara, 75% of women rely on their partner to plan the evening.

Delegate. Never take it to the same Trialix place twice, by downloading the Cityvox app on your iPhone. The criteria search filter allows you to choose your restaurant according to the type of cuisine, the atmosphere (romantic, business meals, group), the average price to the card, etc. Most, the opinions of Internet users, classified by date. Before ordering, do it for the amateur oenologist by going to the bathroom with your smartphone and logging on . The site offers 62 971 agreements between 3 876 dishes and 1 205 wines from 21 countries, enough to find your happiness, even in the cellar of a small, unpretentious bistro.

And it will cost you: Just the price of your Internet connection.

2 / Make him a mix tape
Why ? For researchers at Stanford University, the most appreciated gifts are those for which we give of ourselves.

Delegate. Your virtual library has more than 1,000 titles? The Genius feature of iTunes allows you, from a single piece, to create an ideal playlist. You just have to engrave. If you run out of choices, go to Choose an artist, then launch a smart radio, finally create a playlist and share it with your sweet, on Facebook. If you still have not found your style, psychologists at the University of Leicester say that it is the hip-hop fans who have the most sex.

And it will cost you: 1 CD (€ 0.70).

3 / Help to decompress
Why ? ” Women are more sensitive to stress than men, fortunately, it only takes a stream of oxytocin (generated by physical contact) to neutralize cortisol (the stress hormone) in women, ” says author Ian Kerner She first (eds Free Presses).

Delegate. If you do well, a simple hug is enough to decisper . After interviewing 2,000 women, the University of Washington created a “rating scale” tailored to women’s well-being. According to them, a hug of 20 seconds is worth +4 on the pleasure scale (ignoring it will be worth -4 and offering flowers +2). As you are a man and love to play, try to earn points throughout the day (like on your Xbox, yes), it will earn you peaks of testosterone and dopamine. In short, a real win-win plan. John Gray, the author of Men come from Mars, the women of Venus advise you: « Try to hug him when you wake up, then once before going to work. It’s already 50% of the job. When you come home, take it in your arms and if it seems to release, tighten it even harder against you . That’s how you win the game.

And it will cost you: Nothing at all.

4 / Spoil it with a click
Why ? Simple aftermath of evolution, women, even independent, are more attracted to generous men. If he makes presents, the potential partner proves that, whatever his resources, he is ready to share them. Nothing is worse for a woman than a rich man.

Delegate. It’s your fault if you do not remember the dates (his birthday, Valentine’s Day …)? To no longer disappoint, subscribe to an original subscription: flowers. Every week, every month, or at the dates chosen, the florist will send him his favorite flowers. To keep the bar high, hours of massage, wraps and scrubs will fill it. Buy a Wonderbox on the Internet: she receives a “gift box” and only has to choose the service, the place and the day of her choice.

5 / Participate without moving
Why ? A recent study by INED has shown that women are more involved in housework than men, especially with the first child. And inevitably, hands in the dishes, or fight against the vacuum cleaner, they think less about the trifle. According to a study from Montclair University (New Jersey), couples whose two members participate in household chores more often make love.

Delegate. Want to wake up his libido? Do the shopping. But beware: Saturday afternoons are made for naughty naps, not for pushing a squeaky cart. Fortunately, on the Internet, it’s almost like the supermarket, but without the tail. Copy your virtual shopping cart to go even faster next time. (Carrefour online) . Take the opportunity to choose stimulating foods: cheese, rich in tyrosine, which participates in the synthesis of dopamine; red wine, which boosts the female libido; chocolate, for L-Arginine, which promotes blood flow to the genitals.

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