Weight watchers: what to eat in the morning?

Many of those who eat are not eating in the morning on the pretext that it will lose more calories, the body will draw on the little energy it has left. Yet this practice has proven to be more dangerous than it seems .

Breakfast allows you to start a healthy day , providing a minimum of energy and avoiding any discomfort. But anyway, the consistency of this first meal is revised downward on a diet. What should you eat in the morning as part of the WW program?

Foods to promote in the morning
In order to start your day well, without getting fatter, it is better to turn to protein dishes, fruits and vegetables. Protein contains everything you need to resist the efforts of the morning . Fruits and bio x keto vegetables, meanwhile, have a very low caloric intake, or nonexistent. You will then be able to eat these foods in large quantities, without it making you fat.

The foods to avoid will therefore be: pastries, fatty meat, vegetable oil and industrial sugar . Do not worry ! The natural ingredients you choose can provide the nutrients your body needs.

Typical breakfasts WW
Day 1 : fried egg , fruit salad, tea or coffee without sugar
Day 2 : 50 g Parmesan cheese, 100 g chicken breast, tea or coffee without sugar
Day 3 : 100 g grilled tuna, 1 bunch of grapes , 1 jar of plain yoghurt
The WW program is one of the most effective ways to lose weight without endangering your body. For example, you will no longer need to think about not eating in the morning, because your application will help you to not exceed a certain caloric quota. Moreover, no more deprivation will be necessary, because in addition to the diet, the sport you practice will allow you to burn the extra calories you have stored .

The principle of WW method
WW is based on three pillars: a balanced diet , sporting activity and psychological reinforcement. At the food level, the program aims to attribute specific points to each ingredient. You will not need to do the math yourself, since Weight Watchers will do it.

Your goal: to meet the weekly point limit for weight loss. For the rest, you will have to practice regular sports and participate in group meetings every week, as a psychological support.

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