Weight Watchers menu for vegan

With growing questions about food, the environment, health and animal welfare, the issue of veganism has never been so well accepted. Its principle is simple, exclude any product of animal origin and refocus on organic food and 100% of vegetable origin.

The growing interest in this type of diet led various diets to propose adapted menus. Here are the Weight Watchers tips in this area.

Is the method of calculating propoints different?
No because this figure tends to keto drox assess your needs for a day, whether you are a man or a woman, and not to take into account your diet. Your quota of points remains the same. These are your menus that will change. The goal is to stay in this fork / flexipoints fork pre-established.

Continue to eat healthy, but differently
Continuing to eat healthily but differently , that sums up the process perfectly. Your application will direct you to dishes made from plant alternatives instead of meat menus, that’s all.

Their nutritional value remains excellent and you will continue to lose weight quickly and well . As time goes by, you will become more independent and be able to take on new eating habits that will protect you from the yoyo effect.

Once you have assimilated simple basic nutrition rules, you will not suffer from any dietary deficiencies. On the contrary.

A vegetarian diet is just as balanced as any other if you eat a variety and make sure to bring the body the necessary to meet its needs (proteins, vitamins , amino acids …)

Prepare a menu type WW 100% vegan, how to do?
First, vegan or not, prepare your recipes with a thermomix, the result will be more healthy and light . This is indeed one of the best cooking methods available to you. You will get tasty, low calorie menus and your pounds will melt like snow in the sun.

Here is a typical example for a vegetal meal.

Choose between:

A handful of homemade vegetable chips
From hummus to sundried tomatoes or peppers
Main course
For example, you can prepare one or the other of these recipes:

Wok vegetables (corn, peas, eggplant , zucchini, celery …)
Vegetable and salad pizza
Here, the choice is also very vast:

A homemade pear , banana and apple compote
A pana cotta with almond milk and red berries
Before any dietary change, keto drox consider seeking the advice of a doctor, his advice could guide you more easily in your approach. Now, you just have to discover these new flavors without delay!

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